How would describe the service you received from your Broker?

Very personalized and caring. I would, and have recommended Kristine to family members and others for their real estate needs.

Did your Broker do anything to exceed your expectations?

Yes! She brought paperwork to my home so that I would not have to go out, as I have trouble walking. She arranged for others to come to my home as well as the process progressed. She provided me with a number of referrals for home-related services. She was always a generally friendly, and helpful throughtout the process. I liked her so much I invited her to my 4th of July 2014 party!

How would you describe the service your received from your Broker?

Excellent! Loved Kristine Hovde! She was Great!

How was the service you received from your Broker?

Kristine Hovde our agent was a competent, knowledgable and trustworthy person at all times. A true Professional!